Jio Users To Get Huge Bills Soon At Homes!(Prepaid/Postpaid issue)

Jio sim introduced a new era of telecom market to people of India. The features and plans that one gets in Jio are in comparison with any other telecom provider far better.

The welcome offer that Ambani provided to its users has gained a huge user base. The welcome offer will end by 31st March.

However, whenever the free services end, the charges will start getting noted on your account and the bills will be posted to your home address according to the Aadhar card details if you are using POSTPAID sim card.

Most probably If you get a jio sim now these days which is not a big task, the sim provider will provide u a postpaid sim which works same like the prepaid with 1 GB limit.

You might not realize that your welcome offer has ended till the first bill comes to your home address. So, be aware of the end date of your sim card. Also know before hand about your sim card being prepaid or postpaid.

If it is prepaid, then the services will stop after the welcome offer ends while in postpaid the billing will start counting.

To know if your sim is postpaid or prepaid follow these steps.

  1. Go to My Jio app.
  2. Open your account.
  3. On the top of the screen there will be your jio i.d.

If it shows prepaid voLTe then you dont have to worry but if it is showing a postpaid sim card. Then you have to get rid of it before 31st March. 

  1. You can deactivate your postpaid sim  card by calling on 198 (complaint Number) and reauest them to deactivate your number. They will confirm some details and then put a deactivation request.


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